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Jeff Herro is a talented teacher and musician teaching private in-home piano and Jazz guitar lessons in the Richmond area.
Virginia Commonwealth University
Master of Music
Music Composition
Bachelor of Music
Music Composition
Jeff Herro
Piano, Guitar

Jeff Herro began playing guitar at the age of ten. His very first performance was in the fifth grade, playing in a rock band. In high school he sang in the concert choir and chamber ensemble, and studied music theory, piano, and classical guitar.  He also played jazz guitar in a small jazz guitar ensemble at his school.

Jeff obtained his Bachelor and Masters Degree in Music Composition from Virginia Commonwealth University. He continued classical guitar studies with Jesus Silva who studied with Andres Segovia. After graduating college, he directed the guitar program at J Sargeant Reynolds Community College for nearly a decade, receiving a faculty recognition and achievement awards for five or more years of outstanding service. Jeff currently performs with his own group called the Jeff Herro trio, specializing in contemporary jazz and performing at various venues and occasions.

Jeff’s music theory and teaching ability is extremely varied and ranges from classical to rock, blues to jazz. Some of his top skills are improvisational guitar techniques, which include sight-reading, understanding chord theory, and how to improvise melodically over various chord changes. Teaching by example and coaching students through performance is not only good practice, but a great confidence builder for the student.

Over the years, Jeff has developed a specific method of teaching that has proven to be extremely effective regardless of age or skill level. Jeff uses a three-pronged approach that focuses on music knowledge, method, and skills training. Through this method, students not only learn their instrument, but enjoy their lessons. This is key aspect for students to achieving their goals. Lastly but important is making the lesson fun and enjoyable for both the student and teacher.

As a teacher, recognizing a students goals and creating a strategy to reach them applies to all levels of guitar playing. Jeff will evaluate each student’s abilities and skills and tailor the lessons appropriately. In general, Jeff has at least four approaches on how you may learn and process information: by example, analogy, hypothetical, and by written instruction. In addition to teaching things to students, another primary task of the teacher is to develop the strategy that will get the student where they want to go. The student will establish the goals and together student and teacher will stay focused on the result they want to achieve.

Jeff has been dedicated to music and the teaching of music at all educational levels. Teaching music teaches you to be human; it helps you recognize and appreciate beauty so you learn to be sensitive; music gives you something to cling to when all else fails; music helps you to have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good, in short more life. That is why Jeff teaches music.

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